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The DMV Life
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by Stacey Glover on The DMV Life

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for helping me sell my 4 unit building in DC. This was a very trying experience for me, By the time we met 1 was very frustrated. My property had been on the market for 6 months. I was working with a Realtor who claimed she knew how to work a short sale but at the same time was relying upon me (someone who knew nothing about short sales) for advice. After calling the focal REIA groups John Peterson put me in touch with you. That call was the best thing that every happened to me. It was clear from the first conversation that Valerie understood my situation and knew how to proceed. Unlike the other Realtors I met who knew nothing about short sales, Daniella was well informed and in turn kept me informed. I never felt like I was in the dark on the sale. Each document was explained to me until I understood what I was signing. Calls were always returned promptly. It took some months to close, as you said, but 7 or 8 months later its over. The building has been sold and I can go about repairing my credit. Thank you for saving me from having a foreclosure on my credit report. Negative comments go away. Foreclosures can live for up to 7 years on the credit report. I can't say thank you enough from saving me from that. I appreciate all that you've done for me and would tell anyone facing the same situation to give you a call.

by Stacey Glover on The DMV Life

Hi Daniela

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed hearing you speak the last day of the Shortsale Wholesale Bootcamp. I can't believe you got such a short period of time. I wanted you to be up there much longer!

Thank you for giving agents advice on how to handle our short sale listings. My broker does the best he can but there is nothing like real-world experience, which you have in spades.

As a client of yours, I always appreciate how you explain things and I see that has translated very well to your new calling - speaker!

by Mathias Acholi on The DMV Life

I was unable to keep my house on 406 59 Street NE in Washington DC. My house was about to go on foreclosure until I met Daniela Jones and Valarie Scott these two ladies fought very hard to convince my lender select portfolio to put the foreclosure on hold. In the meantime, they were trying to convince my tenants that were not paying rent to find another place before this house goes for foreclosure. Under pressure from the lender, they helped the tenants find an apartment. We all thought that we were finally close to sell this house when the last buyer left the deal. I was desperate, but these two brave ladies continued to fight until they finally sold this house. I am very grateful to them.

by Ken Williams on The DMV Life

To Valerie Scott and Daniela Jones:

You did it! Boy, what a team the two of you make when it comes to short sales. You were able to successfully negotiate a short sale with the bank to sell a condominium unit I owned in Washington DC. A unit that was eating away at my pocket day in and day out. And what a burden you lifted from my shoulders. I bought that condo during the real estate peak year and sincerely expected to move it quickly after the luxury renovations I completed. However, personal matters cropped up which delayed the rehab process. As you know in the rehab business time is money,
Once my crew completed work on the condo, the real estate market had taken a drastic change for the worst. Unfortunately, the condo market where my unit is located experienced an extremely high inventory, thus bringing sales to a near standstill. To say I. was upside down on this project is an understatement. I was upside down, sideways, lopsided and taking a monthly bath.

After nearly 10 months of trying to sell this unit myself, then with an agent, nothing was happening with prospective buyers. I had no bites, It was clear something out of the ordinary needed to happen. That's when I called you Valerie, to take control and negotiate a short sale with my lender on this property.

The two of you handled everything from start to finish. I was able to focus on my very sensitive personal matter knowing you were on top of things with my condo, That's saying a lot coming from me, a control nut, who trusts few people with my investments. But, the two of you came through for me. You managed the process in such a way that I was left with nothing to do but wait until the closing, I have 14 years in the real estate investment business and your handling of this transaction was by far one of the most impressive deals I have ever witnessed. The bank tried to play hardball, but you were able to hang in there and work out an unbelievable discounted payoff.
I want to thank you both for your hard work and for staying with this deal. I feel 800 pounds lighter after getting that gorilla off my back. Ladies, you may share this letter with anyone you choose. I recommend you to anyone needing short sales assistance or who may be like me and just needs to get out of a bad deal. Thanks again.

by Jaqueline Salgado on The DMV Life

Dear Dauiela. I would like to take the time to thank you for helping me with the process of my home. I was really going through some very difficult moments; that were holding me back from making my Mortgage payments and I appreciate that everything you did was very beneficial since my biggest concern was to go on any Foreclosure situation with my Lender. I really don't have an outstanding credit, but would like to be able to purchase a house again and this process I know will help me a lot in the long run.

I understand that the negotiations with my Lenders took a while but in this kind of market, I suspect this is how things are and I'm very pleased with the results I got; I would definitely recommend you with anyone that I may know and needs help with this kind of situation.

Thanks for everything!! !!

by Francisco Sequeira on The DMV Life

Por medio de este documento hecho por Francisco Jose Sequeira recidente en 14019 Castle blvd #103 Silver Spring, MD 20904 celular (202)345-3629 tengo el deseo voluntario de expresar mi gran agradecimiento hacia Daniela Jones una persona muy noble que desde el dia que la conoci y le comente el problema financiero que estaba enfrentado para poder pagar el pago mensual de una casa que fui propietario en 4808 Quimby ave Beltsville,MD 20705 hasta el dia 15 de Octubre 2007 que vivimos en esta casa. Daniela Jones dio a mi familia un gran soporte emotional, espiritual y sobre todo muy profecional

en su trabajo que realizo para evitar que mi situaciOn a pesar de los pagos atrasados que tenia en esta propiedad que mencione arriba. Pudo haber tenido consecuencias de cortes para it a un foreclosure pero ante todo primero doy muchas gracias a Dios y en segundo Lugar a Daniela Jones porque es una persona cristiana que Dios puso en mi camino, la cual

by Fatima Zaconeta on The DMV Life

La presente carta es de agradecimiento, por ayudarme con la yenta de mi deparamento ubicado en el 3100 de la S. manchester St. 631 Falls Church VA 22044.

Dicho departamento estaba entrando a remate y la Srta. Daniela Jones y el Sr. Carlos Gutierrez, me ayudaron de urea manera eficiente y rapids para su yenta.

Es por eso que yo, personalmente los recomiendo por el buen desemperio profesional como equipo de trabajo..